Alberto Mercurio

Co-founder @insigħt

Quantum physicist

Danilo Rovito

Creative coder @insigħt

Salvatore Savasta

Founder @insigħt

Research and art direction

Insigℏt is a digital art trio who is pushing quantum physics out of its usual territory. The trio shares the idea that branches of knowledge are often too stubborn to maintain their independence. Their creations are at the intersection between art, quantum physics, and new digital technologies. A peculiar quantum fluctuation has determined the meeting of D, A, and S. Their deep and shared passion for art, science, and technology, brought this trio to life. Insigℏt was founded by S in March 2021, with A and O as cofounders. As a first step S, with the help of A, O, and suggestions from B, a graduated student at IULM, wrote the Manifesto of the Quantizing Art Movement. Then they started to mint a few quantum art creations on Rarible. After a few months, O left the team due to difficulties keeping his academic career, family, and artistic activity together. He is still the first supporter of the trio and often provides useful suggestions.

In September 2021, the team created Democritus, the first artwork of the project ATOMICONS. This project reflects on what is the minimum number of atoms needed to create an artwork. ATOMICONS were created by numerically solving the Schrödinger equation for surface electrons in the presence of scattering atoms positioned by them. The artworks result from a 3D rendering of the obtained data. In the end each of us is made of elementary particles. The reality and the emotions that we perceive result from their interactions. ATOMICONS have been brought to life to let us sense this deep truth. Each ATOMICON could be physically realized and observed by using a scanning tunnel microscope (STM), a device based on quantum tunnelling. The STM can also be used to deliberately move atoms on the surface, allowing to create at the nanoscale. Up to the end of January 2022, the team released four ATOMICONS, minted on Each of them was accompanied by a 3D/VR version gifted to each of the owners. These virtual Schrödinger sculptures can be rotated and zoomed in order to surf quantum probability waves. Democritus was followed by Quantum Love, Arthur (the frowning face), and Simone (the neutral face)

D started collaborating with A and S to the remixme project in September, a very innovative cryptoart project by Hackatao, an artistic duo among the top ten digital artists in the world. It was a success! Their creation was selected by Hackatao and resulted in one of the highest sales of these collective drops. A and S, impressed by D’s skills and deep passion for digital art, invited him, who was happy to accept, to join Insigℏt. D is now the creative coder of the team and the quantum-classical interface of A and S.

At the end of October, the trio minted the first artwork in collaboration with the German quantum computer start-up Kipu quantum. It was a generative art creation, found by randomly exploring the quantum space, the very big place where quantum states live, interact, and evolve. A very big magic place reminding our unconscious mind. This creature is a quantum superposition state of photonic states, visualized by using the Wigner function, a widely used tool in quantum optics.

Presently, this creation is part of the HackCollection, the private collection of the prominent digital art duo Hackatao. This creation was presented at the 1E9 THE_CONFERENCE 2021, Live from the Deutsches Museum, Munich in November 2021.

KIPU-quantum Creature #0
What if E.Schrödinger meets A.Warhol and G.Orwell